Here's me from Chazz's show!

My name is Regan and I'm a grad from Indiana University. I graduated with a double major in Cinema Studies and Studio Art. I started photography when I was a sophomore in high school, mainly by accident because I needed an art credit and my sister already had a film camera, which then led to a stint following around our school's show choir. 

From there I found a passion that has carried me all through college into the now and has lead to a world of incredible experiences for me. I've been able to try my hand at every facet of photography, from marketing to fine art, and it's been so cool to see how my style as evolved through all of the different sides of the medium. 

During the summer of 2021, I was able to move to LA to intern for a music photographer named Norman Seeff through IU's Semester in LA program. There I was able to assist him on set with artists and in-studio with organizing and editing photos. I can't wait to see where else this journey takes me as I envision my life post-grad, thanks for being here! 

personal instagram: @regannjo

photo instagram: @regantakespics